Finding a job is not easy

In today's time of cut-throat competition, finding a job is one of the most daunting tasks. Arshie Chevalwala highlights the role placement agencies play in a job seeker's pursuit
With an increasingly fastpaced corporate environment, it has become difficult to recruit quality talent in a company's fold. It is here where the placement agencies step in, to play the role of a middleman between the job seeker and the organisation, to ensure that both involved benefit from the transaction. Kamal Karanth, managing director, Kelly Services India explains, "The agency provides insight into the skills being hired across industries, offers opportunities in the best companies, provides coaching on soft skills and provides in-depth knowledge about the company, role and the future prospects in the role."

It is important that when an individual is considered for a certain position, he be absolutely moulded as per the requirement of that position. "On several occasions, the corporate world has received applications from individuals who may not suit the job profile and requirements. This is a technicality that placement agencies help resolve. One of the major benefits of going through a placement agency is that they make sure that the job that is applied for or being considered is the one that best suits your qualification and interests," says Zaid Merchant, an active job seeker who was recently placed with an MNC through a placement agency.
So, what exactly is the role of a placement agency? Karanth answers, "In the middle of acute competition and demanding talent pool, the existence of placement agencies in the recruitment industry has given a new hope to both recruiters as well as job seekers.
Placement agency is a term that was coined for the agencies that keep in mind the requirements of both, the companies and the employees, thereby assisting them to connect.
The services offered by these agencies are designed to meet the expectations and requirements of the company and the employee by providing them an eligible candidate and a desired job. Experiencing growth at an accelerated pace, the agency provides a platform to the job seekers and employers, and helps them meet and bridge the demandsupply gap.
Thus, while approaching the market through a placement agency has its advantages; is it absolutely vital that this be the way to go? "Approaching the market with the guidance of a placement company is helpful as they help bridge the gap between the job-seeking candidates and the recruiters by providing countable services in the recruitment industry.
The agencies possess domain specialisation, and have a robust understanding of the market. They are not just helpful in matching the company's requirements for a particular vacancy with the candidate's profile but also help in briefing the job role, qualification eligibility, salary compensation and other relevant details that saves a lot of time and money for both parties. But it is vital that a job seeker is well aware of who they are approaching to avoid any negative ramifications.
A professional agency would only help finding the right job for the candidate, and right candidate for the client," says Merchant. Consequently, as an active job seeker, or at least having been one at a certain time, everyone knows that finding the perfect job is no easy task. A placement agency is here to lend a helping in hand.

Agency advantage
- Most important value addition is the counseling the consultants can give
- A credible agency gauges potential suitability of a candidate for particular job role
- It handles the responsibilities of the project along with a clear understanding of the terms of employment
- Maintains follow-ups with the candidate in regard to their progress in the hiring process and help in coordination with the candidates even after placement
- Brief the candidates about the company and its requirements
- Make the task easier by clearing the subsidiary doubts

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